2018 Conference Agenda
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2018 Conference Agenda

Subject to change


Pre Conference - Wednesday May 9

Conference Day 1 - Thursday May 10

Conference Day 2 - Friday May 11




Join us one day early to take advantage of our deep dive masterclasses.

Invite your colleagues who cannot attend the conference but want to take advantage of our excellent roster of speakers.

YES - you can just come for the masterclasses!

For more information on pre conference masterclasses, click here.

$195 per Masterclass

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Masterclass 1 Masterclass 2  Masterclass 3

 David Wilsey

 Denise McNerney, Lynne Brown &

Crystal Evans

 Terry Schmidt
 Balanced Scorecard Institute  iBossWell, Inc.  ManagementPro.com
 Strategy Execution 101: Transforming Your Strategy into Measurable Results  Getting to Results: Transforming Strategy into Execution

 Turn Strategy Into Action: Design Better Projects Faster

1:30 PM -

 4:30 PM

Masterclass 4 Masterclass 5 Masterclass 6

 Kimi Ziemski

Yvette Montero Salvatico &

Frank Spencer

 Dr. Constance Rhetta James
 KSP Partnership, Inc.  Kedge, LLC  Pepperdine University
 Creating & Leading Teams that Thrive Through Disruption  Maximizing Scenario Methodologies for 21st Century Strategy Execution Core Competence Strategies
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM  Opening Reception & Exhibitor Showcase  
 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM  Certification Study Course - Full Day

James D. Stockmal & Susan Radwan

Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)

Are you Certifiable? A Kick-Off for Certification Study

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

$300 (Breaks and Lunch Included)



07:30 AM -

4:30 PM

Registration and Exhibitor Showcase

8:00 AM -

8:30 AM


8:30 AM -

8:45 AM

Welcome Remarks

8:45 AM -

9:30 AM

Keynote Presentation 

Ismael Roig, Archer Daniels Midland Company

9:45 AM -

11:00 AM

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

Litzy Garcia

Daimler Trucks North America

Portfolio Management in Corporate Environment to Maintain Leadership in the Market

Dr. Okanga Boniface, Dr. Darelle Groenewald & Professor Cecile Nieuwenhuizen 

University of Johannesburg

Strategic Management of Business Operations in Turbulent and Evolving African Markets

Michael Stewart 

Work Effects

Your Organization's DNA: Taking Culture Out of the Shadows 

Norma Watenpaugh

Phoenix Consulting Group

Success is not an Accident - The Secret Sauce for Successful Collaboration

11:00 AM -

11:30 AM

Break and Exhibitor Showcase

11:30 AM -

12:45 PM

Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8

Dr. Mohamed M. Mahmoud

Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Using the Balanced Scorecard to articulate, operationalize, deploy and monitor strategy implementation in Government Organization: The case of City of Jeddah.

Dr. Mark Phillips &

Syed Mehdi 

San Antonio Airport System, City of San Antonio 

Your Flights About Ready to Depart:  Implementing a New Strategic Direction at a City Airport

Shelley Rappaport

SBR Strategy LLC

Planning for the Unknown: How Resource Planning Processes Can Inform Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty

Joe Brownlee & Peter Markos

Rotary International

Transforming Your Org Culture, Processes and Structure to Align Project Execution Enterprise Strategy

12:45 PM -

1:45 PM

Lunch and ASP Annual General Meeting

1:45 PM -

2:30 PM

Keynote Presentation

Dan Kotecki, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

2:45 PM -

4:00 PM

Session 9 Session 10 Session 11 Session 12

Cyril Awere

Trusted Advisors Group

Lean Agile HR Operations and it's impact on Strategy Execution

David Sanchez & Diane Flynn

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.

Case Study - The Development and Execution of a Successful Retail Growth Strategy

John Bugalla, Kim Nesbitt,

Dr. E. Lauria & Dr. P. Godfrey


The MITRE Corporation

A Joint Presentation on Risk Management

Tiffany Prince

Prince Performance LLP

The Strategy and Talent Gap: How to Effectively Align your Organization's Needs for the Future

4:00 PM -

4:30 PM

Break and Exhibitor Showcase
7:00 PM Networking Dinners (optional)



8:00 AM -

2:00 PM

Registration and Exhibitor Showcase

8:00 AM -

8:30 AM


8:30 AM -

9:00 AM

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Survey Update

9:05 AM -

10:00 AM

Keynote Presentation

10:00 AM -

10:45 AM

Break and Exhibitor Showcase

10:45 AM -

12:00 PM

Session 13 Session 14 Session 15 Session 16

Philip Weinzimer

Strategere Consulting 

Aligning IT Strategy with Business Strategy: A Successful Methodology and Case Study Example

Sello Makhubela


Closing the Strategy Execution Gap: The Business Model Driven Enterprise Architecture Approach 

Bruce Mabee

Milestone Partners, LLC

Leaping the Execution Gap Simply? A Flipped Approach to  Engage Stakeholders into 21st Century Strategic Action

Michael Taylor


Drift Happens: From Goals to Outcomes Using Scheduled Alignment Corrections 

12:00 PM -

1:15 PM

Lunch and Awards

1:15 PM -

2:00 PM

Mission Driven Panel


Chinue Uecker - ICMC (Panel Moderator)

Meegan Scott - Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

Marie Muscella - The MITRE Corporation

Michael Abrey-Bugg -  

2:15 PM -

3:30 PM

Session 17 Session 18 Session 19

Jody Schrandt

Veriquest Partners

Lesson Learned: How a Beautiful Customer Strategy Can Go Down in Flames

Alan Leeds

Y-Change, Inc. 

Bridging the Strategy Execution Gap: Revolutionizing the HOW!

Doug Maris & Amy Yu

LBL Strategies

Five Practical Tools to Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

3:30 PM Conference Close



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