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We Know!

You were busy and were unable to attend the webinar - but you still want to see it!

Or, your work colleague attended and told you about it - and now you want see it.


Well, now you have access to the webinar - exactly as it ran. We have recorded them all,- ums and all!


On ordering one or more webinars, you will receive an email that gives you all the details on how to download the webinar so that you can watch it at any time that you want, and as many times as you want. 








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You need to make a strategic decision, but because the problem is complex and because there is insufficient time, you are only able to look at a few scenarios and then make that decision with either caution or courage. This webinar will share current systems that enable organization to analyze thousands of scenarios and options, and to compare results. 



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Scenario planning is a strategy tool used by organization to escape the trap of planning for the future based on what has happened in the past. The core concepts are becoming an essential part of the growth strategy toolkit for companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Scenario planning guides decisions about strategic early investments that can pay significant dividends







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It takes more than a good Strategy to be successful.  Having a good strategy without the ability to execute the plan is destined for strategic underachievement and disappointment.  Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach, previously reviewed in the Webinar Series, we will explore how having a Balanced Scorecard to translate your strategy may be necessary but not sufficient to achieve strategic success.





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Research shows that organizations that plan are more likely to succeed, and be more profitable.  Yet research also shows that appreciation of the value of strategic planning and strategic management is spotty at best.  Furthermore, implementation of strategic plans and use of strategy in decision making is often poor. We label this dilemma - "the strategy gap." Learn how to fill this gap




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