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The Colorado Chapter of the ASP brings together strategic planners, organizational development professionals, and a broad group of people involved in developing successful plans for their organizations and organizations where they serve in a consulting capacity. Colorado - ASP’s members come from a diverse group of businesses, nonprofits, and membership is open to those who participate in the development of plans for educational organizations and government agencies, as well.


Our purpose is to serve as a place where professionals can meet, share and discuss best practices, identify challenges our profession and our companies face regarding developing robust strategic plans in a turbulent economy. Professional development, learning, and cross-fertilization of ideas and practices are the main reasons why Colorado ASP was formed. Certainly the organization provides a great opportunity for networking among our members and guests and our programs will always be of the highest quality discussing new strategic planning concepts and practices.


ASP - Colorado fills a gap in the state. We are the only association of professionals who have jobs or consult in the area of strategic planning, operations planning, and in helping guide companies, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies through the rugged landscape of our economy and rapidly changing educational and government agency environments. Colorado is the home to many companies and government agencies that create and execute large scale strategic plans for their organizations. ASP - Colorado is the place, the association, for all those in this community.


We hold monthly meetings and quarterly activities, and are interested in expanding our educational, social, and professional development programs on a regular basis



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Dennis Kater

Hill Technical Solutions, Inc.

Vice President
Ellen Naylor
Business Intelligence Source
Amy Schwab 
Project Community 

Brian Cassel
Ethos Veterinary Health
Dan Montgomery
Agile Strategies
Stuart Thomas
Arrow Performance Group, LLC
Ted Galpin
Strategic Science
Marty Scholes 
F5 Networks
Upcoming Events
ASP Colorado Presents: Denver's Regional Transportation District Strategy
Thursday, February 22, 2018
ASP Colorado: Rocky Mountain Strategy Summit 2018
Saturday, April 21, 2018

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200-411 Richmond Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 3S5
f. 416.929.5256

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