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Prosper from the best thinking and guidance in formulating and executing winning strategies

Around the world, leaders, executives and strategy professionals in organizations of all types, consultants, researchers, academics and students are engaged members of the Association for Strategic Planning.

Members align with ASP because it is the only not-for-profit professional association dedicated to advancing thought and practice in strategy development and deployment for business, non-profit and government organizations. ASP provides opportunities to explore cutting-edge strategic planning principles and practices that enhance organizational success and advance members' and organizations' knowledge, capability, capacity for innovation, and professionalism.

If you are focused on strategy development and management, ASP is focused on you. ASP membership includes best practices, knowledge exchange, networking and dialogue to strengthen design and execution.

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ASP members benefit from a wide variety of programs and services that help them succeed through improved strategic thinking, planning and action.:

Network and learn through chapter added charge.

The Association for Strategic Planning has a number of chapters and is working to establish more, worldwide:

Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas/Fort Worth,  
Los Angeles, National Capital Area, Northern California,
Honduras, Iberia, Nigeria, San Antonio-Austin
Or join at large

Learn more about ASP chapters.

Grow at ASP’s annual conference: Savings of $300 for members (cost of your annual membership)!

ASP’s conference is the premier forum for thought leaders and practitioners to exchange strategy formulation and implementation ideas, experiences, tools and techniques.  The early bird member-only registration discount repays your membership - plus!

Learn more about the Annual Conference.

Access ASP's professional Certification Program: The only Certification Program that offers credentials for Strategic Planning and Management Professionals.

ASP offers three strategy certifications, the Strategic Management Professional (SMP); the Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) and the Strategic Planning Associate (SPA).  Members can access ASP's professional certification program, documents, training programs and materials at lower rates.

Learn more about the Certification Program.

Enjoy scores of high-value presentations like, for free.

Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Simply Change the World
   Peter DiGiammarino, CEO and Chairman, intelliVEN, Compusearch
The Business Model as a Tool for Strategic Innovation and Execution
   Dr. Michael S. Jordan, Business Model Group, Inc.
Adapting Global Strategies to New Markets: Ford's Global Strategies in China
   Keith Davey, retired VP Strategic Planning, Ford Motor (China) Ltd.  
Turning Strategic Intent into Smart Initiatives which Deliver Results
   Terry Schmidt,
Fast Cycle Performance: Four Simple Steps to Building an Accelerated Strategy Cycle  
   Ed Barrows, Cambridge Performance Partners
What Corporate American Can Learn from the US Army's Advancements in Strategy & Planning Since 9/11  
   Mark Towery, Geo Strategy Partners
The Essential Role of Scenario Planning in Strategic Planning Today
   Diane Meister, Meridian Associates, Inc.
The Leadership Challenge, Where  Leadership & Strategy Intersect
   Jim Kouzes, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
Good Product, Brilliant Strategy, Bad Decision: The Missing Key? 
   Competitive Intelligence  Seena Sharp, Sharp Intelligence

New! Participate in the annual gathering of the global strategy community, World Strategy Week.

Get the best thinking, information and inspiration, focused to help organizations use strategic leadership, thinking, planning and action to attain transformational results.

More ways you gain an edge through ASP membership.

Access to other leading organization’s strategy and business events.
Strategy tools, processes, and systems through other ASP members and at ASP events.
Free or discounted subscriptions and access to leading strategy journals, book summaries, presentations and white papers.
ASP's online directory to access strategy peers, job postings and requests for proposals.


ASP offers individual, corporate and student memberships.

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Corporate membership offers organizations:

Recognition and exposure among professionals and leaders.
Access to strategy tools, products and services and thought leader networking.
Professional development opportunities to become more effective and knowledgeable about strategy.
The means to recruit and access talented strategy professionals and providers.
Discounts for individual members.


To learn more about the abundant benefits of associating your organization and career development with ASP please contact the ASP Headquarters office at 1.844.345.2828

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