Certification Application
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Steps to Submit Your Application

ASP has a two-part application process that includes a review of a Qualifying Application followed by processing of a PTC Test Center Application.

The Qualifying Application consists of the following, and only complete Qualifying Applications are to be submitted:
  • Case Study (Section 7): up to 1000 words following a set format; required for SMP Level II and for SPP Level I. SPA applicants use the Case Study section for an essay describing their motives and interests in obtaining the SPA designation.
  • Professional References (Section 8): both contact information for named references and the actual letters: 3 for SMP and 2 for SPP
  • Career Bio (Section 9): Current professional resume, career bio, curriculum vitae or other description of professional education and experience, especially that related to strategy work
To be eligible to take an exam in the upcoming testing period:
  • For accurate document management, the email's subject line AND all attached documents should include your full name and the name of the item.
  • Applications that do not qualify for the requested exam level on a first review are eligible for one rewrite and re-review at no additional fee.
  • Qualifying Applications arriving after the established deadline become eligible for the following testing period.


Please note! 

This exam contains college level English and strategy jargon. If English is NOT the language of business in your country, be aware that successful performance requires superior business English proficiency.

Only Applicants whom ASP notifies as approved Exam Candidates will receive a PTC Test Center Application form (a two-page scannable document). This form is not otherwise available.
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