Recertification Requirements
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Requirements for Certification Renewal

The Association for Strategic Planning requires that you re-certify every three years for SPP and every five years for SMP to ensure that you maintain that same level of knowledge demonstrated when you first applied. It is expected that strategy professionals will have completed a broad range of activities to remain current in strategic planning and management. Also, an exam will not be required in order to re-certify


 Below are the steps you need to take to complete this re-certification process:


1. Complete the Re-Certification Scoresheet (click to download Excel) and pay the required fee.


2. Submit your completed application to before the expiration of your certificate. Save money on certification by becoming a member!


3. The activities will be reviewed by the Certification Application Team. If the Certification Application Team determines there are enough points earned, the re-certification will be granted once the fee is paid (again, fees are due before the expiration of your certificate).

4. ASP will award points for (SP=strategic planning):
          A. University & College related courses
          B. Courses from Registered Education Providers (REPs) - double credit will be awarded)
          C. Other quality courses including employer SP related (e.g. facilitation)
          D. Attendance at most ASP events
          E. ASP National Conference (double credit will be awarded)
          F. Attendance at other organization events that encompass SP
          G. Self-directed learning-reading, on line, podcasts for SP
          H. Volunteer service to ASP
          I. Serving on Boards where SP skills are used
          J. Working as a Strategic Planner
          K. Working in a senior organizational role with SP content
          L. Author a SP book or chapters in a book or an article
          M. Teach SP courses
          N. Speaker on SP at event
          O. Development of New Work or Theories


For a more detailed description of re-certification activities, please click here.

5. The re-certification fees are as follows:

ASP Members = $200
Non-Members = $300

Retired ASP Members = $50** + meeting the professional involvement criteria in the Certification guidelines.
Retired Non-Members = $75** + meeting the professional involvement criteria in the Certification guidelines.


**This rate requires promo code, email to obtain promo code.


Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the ASP Certification Program. Please email if you have questions or need additional information.

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